[VIDEO] Autoline After Hours Talks C8 Corvette


Autoline After Hours Talks C8 Corvette

After a short break, the internet C8 chatter is back at full speed thanks to recent test car sightings in California, Florida, and Arizona. While we haven’t really caught anything new in the recent sightings it still appears that the next generation of Corvette will be upon us shortly whether GM wants to talk about it or not.

Earlier this week the crew over at Autoline After Hours spent some time talking C8 Corvette with host John McElroy, Peter DeLorenzo from Autoextremist.com, Gary Vasilash from AD&P, and former Car and Driver and Road and Track writer Don Sherman. They spend just over half of the episode talking about the anticipated mid-engine C8 Corvette.

The conversation doesn’t break any new ground, but rather reinforces what we’ve surmised around here. He states that it’s expected to be a 2020 model year car. He believes it will debut sometime over the summer or at the National Corvette Museum’s 25th anniversary celebration in September. Production should begin near the end of the year with first deliveries about 11 months from now. He also mentions that he’s already got a deposit on one and that the expected base price should be roughly inline with the current car and fall in the $60k – $70k range.

The conversation then turns to potential powertrains. Sherman states that the initial launch should come with a pushrod V8 with additional powertrains to follow all the way up to a 1,000hp top end model, likely with a hybrid drivetrain. Don’t expect to find a clutch pedal on the C8. The panel also touches on the potential for a fully electric version as well. Sherman believes that C8 production will overlap with C7 production for a short time.

Finally, they touch on the much-ballyhooed production delay that was rumored last year. He believes it was the result of 3 possible issues: an electrical issue, an issue with frame twist on the high-end model, and a styling vs engineering debate relative to the interior.

This is a great chat on the next Corvette so Click here to check out the full Autoline After Hours show.

YouTube via Autoline After Hours

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