[SPIED] The C8 Mid-Engine Corvettes are Testing Again in South Florida!


[SPIED] The C8 Mid-Engine Corvettes are Testing Again in South Florida!

It was in June of last year that we were all excited because a group of C8 Mid-Engine Corvette phototypes had been spotted in southwest Florida near Naples. The ZR1s had done some heavy testing along Alligator Alley, part of Interstate 75 that runs from Naples to Miami and it looked like the C8s were going to be running the same routes. But in just a few days, one of the prototypes was spotted with its frunk raised and charger cables attached to a Silverado and soon after all the C8s vanished from public roads.

Late last month, the Corvette engineers led by Tadge Juechter and Alex MacDonald were spotted with Corvette product manager Harlan Charles and a group of at least six C8 mid-engine Corvette prototypes in and around San Diego. Today, we have confirmation that the C8s are back in Florida after a weekend sighting was uploaded to youtube.

The video doesn’t show us really anything new other than a change of scenery. It’s been warm here in Florida with temperatures already reaching the mid-80s and pushing higher. With the Corvette’s now testing in Florida, we hope this leads to even more sightings as they traverse the state on a heavily used highway that connects Florida’s east and west coast.

The video was uploaded on March 3rd by Joe Martinez on YouTube who said the following:

Spy video of Chevy’s Top Secret Mid-Engine Corvette obtained in Naples, FL. during Sunday Morning drive to the beach. Two bad ass Mid-Engine Chevy Corvettes were spotted in full Camouflage Coverings heading South on US41 towards Miami, while being escorted by three blacked out Chevy Silverados. They looked tough AF and sounded and amazing. Sorry I wasn’t able to obtain the sound of their exhaust. But believe me when I say they sounded tough AF!!

Detroit, then San Deigo, and now South Florida. Sure seems like the Corvette Team is confident in the car’s abilities! If that’s the case, we are sure to see a whole lot of C8s on the roads in the coming months as the engineering teams put hundreds of thousands of miles on the cars before they go to production.

Joe Martinez / YouTube

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