[VIDEO] 13 Models of Corvettes Featured in New ‘American Original’ Documentary


[VIDEO] 13 Models of Corvettes Featured in New 'American Original' Documentary

Looking for something Corvette related on TV this weekend? How about checking out this cool new full-length documentary called “American Original” by the guys from Everyday Driver series which appears on YouTube, The MotorTrend Channel, and Amazon Prime Video.

“American Original” features 13 Corvettes across all seven generations of the model’s 65+ year history. Hosts Paul and Todd share the Corvette story as well as its legacy and contributions the car has made in the world of automobiles. They also get to drive some great Corvettes too!

The action was shot in and around Salt Lake City, Utah and features great camera work and fantastic scenery as both the hosts take turns giving their impressions of the various Corvettes from the driver’s seat.

“American Original” is available now for purchase or streaming on Amazon Prime Video and Vimeo. Blu-rays are also for sale on Amazon.

Here’s the trailer for American Original:

You can see more of Paul and Todd at EverydayDriver.com with links to previous episodes and feature films, as well as info for their hit automotive podcast “The Car Debate”.


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