[SPIED] Carscoops Shares First Photos of the C8 Mid-Engine Corvette’s Interior


Carscoops Shares First Photos of the C8 Mid-Engine Corvette's Interior

Photo Credit: Carscoops.com

For months all we’ve had to go on about the interior of the C8 Mid-Engine Corvette has been the sketch from Corvette Forum member Zerv02 and the subsequent interior renderings from FVS that are based on it.

But now, Carscoops.com has obtained real photos showing the interior of the C8 Corvette for the first time. And did we mention its spectacular??

Head over there now to see all the interior photos of the C8 Mid-Engine Corvette! We are discussing some of the features we see below so come on back after you’ve had a good look!

In this particular C8 model, we see a two-two tone interior of Black with a very light color that contrasts with some great looking black leather seats trimed in red stitching with large bolsters on either side. Although we can’t see them, Carscoops says that the seats have an exposed carbon fiber frame that supports the headrests.

The steering wheel has both a flat-bottom and a rounded off top. The two-spoke design also leaves the full bottom of the steering wheel open while twin control panels with toggle stitches come off each side with a look that reminds us of wings on a fighter jet. The C8 logo is shown in the center.

Many of the details that Zerv02 shared and illustrated by FVS are shown in the spy photos. The gear selector resides at the top of the center console and we see a large D with an M we assume is for the paddle-shift automatic. A series of climate control buttons are lined up in a single row that comes down at an angle on the partition between the driver and passenger seats.

[SPIED] Carscoops Shares First Photos of the C8 Mid-Engine Corvette's Interior

Photo Credit: Carscoops.com

A large center infotainment center can be seen and Carscoops says the dash is fully digital. The materials look very classy with the instrument buttons and dials surrounded with bright trim work. And yes Virginia, the C8 does appear to have cup holders.

We did mention it looks spectacular, right??

The position of the console and its relative height sort of reminds us of the C4 days when you the seats were sunken between the frame and the center console created a barrier between the two seat. Like the C7 with its driver-centric layout, the C8 appears to have taken the concept even further.

With all the security that GM has put around the next-generation Corvette, you have to wonder how it was photographed. The last rumor was a surprise reveal on Monday, January 14th at NAIAS and while we don’t believe that to be the case, our Detroit Bureau will be on hand just in case. Stay tuned!!


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  1. AWESOME! Did you mention that? lol That console is to die for. now if it contains decent cupholders – lol. Thanks Keith

  2. the quality looks like it is a handmade prototype. I honestly do not care for the steering wheel, or the long row of buttons. or leather covered everything. So I give it a thumbs down. My first thought is the C7 is more to my liking, far sportier, this one looks like a Cadillac.

  3. Where the hell is the shift lever. There are many of us who prefer to shift our own gears. Many of us even know how to heel and toe without the silly shift match in the new cars. The phony ‘paddle shift’ is a joke.

  4. Those that want an antiquated manual transmission need to just keep thier C7 and let the rest of us with dual clutch C8s run rings around you..

  5. I agree, Don. These pix are heavily blurred and distorted, but it does look very prototype and very Cadillac-ish. It says two things: 1) GM is trying to contain the C8 cost, and, as a result, 2) There will be an XLR-like Caddy. Either way, win-win. As long as my 5-11 frame won’t have to squeeze into a C8 like nearly have to do with a C7, I’m trading in my BMW 335is for this beast!!

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