[VIDEO] One-Owner 1965 Corvette Sting Ray Brings $21K at Backyard Estate Auction


[VIDEO] One-Owner 1965 Corvette Sting Ray Brings $21K at Backyard Estate Auction

We all dream of being able to buy a Corvette barn find at an affordable price, and that’s what this youtuber named “C3 Stingray” was hoping when he learned of a C2 Corvette being sold at a household auction not far from him.

When he got to the auction, he was greeted by this worn and dusty Nassau Blue 1965 Corvette convertible that was sitting out in the yard.

The Sting Ray was a one-owner car and the youtuber says the seller claimed that it was stored indoors, which he questions based on the condition. The rust on the car appears to be mostly surface rust he says and saw no areas in the frame that were rusted through.

The car did have some damage as it had hit a deer once upon a time, which caused the bonding strips to separate on the driver’s side quarter panel. The rear end had also locked up and the car needed to be dragged from its resting place out to the yard for the sale.

[VIDEO] One-Owner 1965 Corvette Sting Ray Brings $21K at Backyard Estate Auction

As the sale for the car started, the auctioneer read off some of the documentation on the car that included the Pocket Guide to the AM/FM radio from AC Delco and a payments book to Farmers and Merchants Bank of Carlisle which showed the payments made by the owner on the 1965 Corvette.

C3 Stingray goes all around the car and even checks out the interior. He didn’t get the full auction for the car on camera but we learned that the selling price was $21,000.

Unfortunately, that price ended up being out of his range and he had commented on his plan before the sale had started:

It seemed like if it could be bought cheap enough it would be worth it. My wife and I had devised a plan if it didn’t go any more than ten thousand dollars we were gonna try to buy it but I think we were dreaming. There were a lot of interested people here despite the fact this car was in the shape it was in.

Wouldn’t you love to come across a backyard auction like this? Let me know if you ever have in our comments section below.

C3 Stingray Garage / YouTube

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  1. My wife actually found an ad in our local paper’s classified section for a “1966 Corvette, manual transmission convertible” for sale with no price listed. She knew I had always wanted that series but could never afford one! She said “Look at this, why don’t you call…” as I was already dialing! The gal who answered said it belonged to a long time friend of her husband who moved out of state years ago and it’s been sitting in their barn ever since. The owner called her husband and said to sell it. She didn’t know any more about it but suggested I call back in an hour when her husband usually got home from work. I asked if I left my number if he could call as soon as he got home. She said “ok” and 5 minutes later the phone rang… it was him!
    He basically repeated her story. I asked if it ran? He said “Sure”… they kept it maintained over the years while stored in his barn. He described it in more detail as a 1966 original big block 427 convertible (motor swapped out with a built 350 years ago – (had less than 500 miles on it), 4 speed, factory side pipes, decent overall condition…. I finally had to ask “How much is he asking?” He said he’d like to get $9000.00 but would probably take $8500.00. I thought ‘WHAT?????” CAN I COME OVER RIGHT NOW???? He said sure.
    My mind was going crazy as my wife and I drove over to his house about 45 minutes away. Pulled up in his yard, met him & walked over to a nice big cement floor barn with his 65 Super clean Ford pickup sitting in it. He said “it’s over there under the car cover”. When he pulled off the cover I literally thought I was dreaming. Triple black… from 10 feet away it looked FANTASTIC! From 10 inches away it looked great…. from inside I was dreaming again. Original from radio to carpet… nice interior, newer top, nice chrome, full wheel covers…. it started right up and I took it for a drive on his property.
    I said “$8500.00?” .. thinking I could not have heard him correctly the first time. He said “Yep!”. I immediately gave him an earnest deposit, went back the next day to pay balance and DROVE IT HOME! That was September 13, 2000. I still have the classified ad! I drove the car about 5 summers, parked it in back of my barn to restore but got sidetracked with other things. One night I was online and found a 1966 427 complete motor that was just listed – ONE month (after) my car’s build date! I love the internet!!! How could i not buy that??? The guy who had it had a 1967 BB Vette and was putting the correct 67 year motor in his so was selling this one. He said it ran fantastic, used no oil, etc… Bought it right there and then. Drove to IL, brought it home, pulled the covers to find out they had already gone through it – CLEAN! The car is in the barn as we speak getting ready for a total frame off restoration that I have been putting off all this time. Should be a fun …. and now you know the rest of the story… almost…. to be continued! I have some pictures of it if you’d like to see it.

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