[VIDEO] 1976 Corvette Stingray Discovered in an Abandoned House in Belgium


[VIDEO] 1976 Corvette Stingray Discovered in an Abandoned House in Belgium

We always love a good barn find and especially when we can come across photos or pictures of the car as it was stored. Today we came across a video out of Belgium of all places that features just a car.

The Bros of Decay are a group of fellas in Europe that enjoy checking out abandoned buildings, castles and whatever else they can get into. Explaining they were simply traveling down the road on their way to the Sea when they spotted a boarded-up house, they stopped to take a look.

As they began walking around the house, they found a back door led into a garage. As they got further into, one of the gents can’t believe his eyes as he is greeted with the front end of a 1976 Corvette Stingray T-Top Coupe.

The Corvette seems to be in pretty good shape despite not being covered, so you have to wonder how long it has been stored there. Inside is a brown leather interior and only 25,260 miles are shown on the odometer. The Corvette has an L48 badge on the hood, and when Bros open the hood, a Chevy small block motor with a 350 sticker on the air cleaner is shown. The engine bay seems to be missing a piece of the air intake and it definitely gives the impression that it has been sitting for a bit.

The Bros haven’t seen many Corvettes in their time so it’s fun to watch their excitement as they take a closer look at the car:

Bros of Decay / YouTube

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