Futuristic 1964 Corvette ‘Space Vette’ Sells for $3,575


Futuristic 1964 Corvette 'Space Vette' Sells for $3575

Here’s a real Corvette oddball for you!

We caught an article about this Corvette last week at Jalopnik about this crazy custom Corvette offered for sale over the weekend at Mecum’s Harrisburg, PA sale. I had a good chuckle out of it as they suggested it “would look much better going to space” and photoshopped the car passing various planets and cruising the solar system.

But back to this custom Corvette. It was built on a 1964 Corvette frame by the “East Coast representative” of Kustom car legend George Barris. One of the selling features is that rear spoiler lifts up approximately 3 inches with use of electrical actuators! But unfortunately, those aren’t working as the vehicle is missing an engine, transmission, and interior.

Corvette Values: Custom 1964 Corvette 'Space Vette' Sells for $3575

Having been stored for the last 25 years, the custom Corvette was offered for sale at Mecum’s Harrisburg 2018 auction last weekend along with others in the Prior Barris East Coast Representative’s Collection.

It would take a very ambitious car builder to take on this project, but the car did indeed sell at Mecum with the selling price listed at $3,575.

Corvette Values: Custom 1964 Corvette 'Space Vette' Sells for $3575


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