[VIDEO] Corvette Production Team Answers Your Questions at the 2018 NCM Bash


[VIDEO] Corvette Production Team Answers Your Questions at the 2018 NCM Bash

During the 2018 Michelin NCM Bash, there was a final walk-through of 2019 Corvette models by members of the Corvette production team and we were there to bring it to you!

On Saturday afternoon outside the NCM, Corvette Chief Engineer Tadge Juechter was joined with Harlan Charles, Corvette/Camaro Product Manager and Corvette Assembly Plant Director Kai Spande for one last question and answer session with Corvette enthusiasts.

After Tadge made the introductions, Harlan took the microphone and ran down the list of 2019 Corvettes that were shown over the weekend. All four Corvette models were represented in various coupe and convertible configurations, from Stingray to ZR1, as well another Stingray that served as the GM Performance Parts showcase.

Kai Spande talked about the ability to offer all 2019 Corvettes with panels painted in the new paint shop. They had surprised Tadge and Harlan by having actual rear quarter panels that were painted in the new Shadow Gray and Elkhart Lake Blue exteriors. You can see those panels on a table behind him.

The three team members then answered questions from Corvette enthusiasts. Tadge comments on the estimated production of the ZR1 as well as likely ZR1 constraints. We got a question in, asking if the ZR1 has the 1st to 4th gear skip-shift. (It does.) A question was asked about when the 2019 model would officially end. The team joked that it will happen the same day the ’20 model starts.

Great info as always from the team! Check out Saturday’s Outside Q&A Seminar here:

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The 2018 Michelin NCM Bash is April 26th – 28th