[VIDEO] Corvette Racing Seminar from the 2018 NCM Bash


[VIDEO] Corvette Racing Seminar from the 2018 NCM Bash

One of the most popular seminars at the National Corvette Museum’s Bash Event is the Corvette Racing seminar featuring Program Manager Doug Fehan. The Corvette Racing seminar was held Friday morning and as usual, the house was packed!

Helping to keep Doug on his best behavior was Jim Campbell, the VP of Performance Vehicles and Motorsports for General Motors. Jim flew into Bowling Green specifically on Friday morning to be part of the event and he would leave later that afternoon, after taking in a couple of laps at the Motorsports Park!

Hosting the event for the NCM was retired FBI Special Agent and NCM Board Member Wes Wong.

This was a great seminar as expected and the topics were different than those from the Corvette Racing banquet held the night before. Doug and Jim were both there at the very beginning of the Corvette Racing program and both shared some of the significant moments that have happened over the 20 years of the program’s history.

[VIDEO] Corvette Racing Seminar from the 2018 NCM Bash

Some of the conversations included Doug going into his background and how racing came to him (he really wanted to be an architect!). He also talks about the first trip to France for the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Jim shares his recollection of his first race at the Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona and how easy the team made it look, that is until it all went to hell.

The two follow up each other nicely and there are couple moments of levity especially when Jim was talking about “building the C6 Corvette, the C7 Corvette and (pause…) other special editions…” which the crowd took to meaning the C8 Corvette.

In addition to the moderated questions from Wes, the crowd was also able to ask questions as well. The entire session goes just over an hour. As both Doug and Jim are simply talking and there are no graphics, slides, or videos shown, I also created an MP3 of the session which you can download here to take with you.

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The 2018 Michelin NCM Bash is April 26th – 28th