[VIDEO] Throwback Thursday: 10 Years Ago the C6.Rs Banged Doors at Mid-Ohio


[VIDEO] Throwback Thursday: 10 Years Ago the C6.Rs Banged Doors at Mid-Ohio

Hard to believe it has been 10 years, but the 2008 race at Mid-Ohio was one of the great moments for fans of Corvette Racing. With the team returning to Mid-Ohio this weekend for the first race since 2012, we thought a Throwback Thursday post would be an appropriate way to remember the battle of the C6.Rs at Mid-Ohio!

The ALMS GT1 category had been thoroughly decimated by the Corvettes until it got to the point that only the two Corvette C6.Rs remained. The C6.Rs were racing each other and when you race a familiar opponent week in and week out? Yep, things can get a little out of hand.

The two drivers who were in the middle of this epic battle out of the pit lane were Olivier Beretta and Johnny O’Connell, and both ignored a red flag as they blasted out onto the track. The track officials were not amused and the Corvette C6.Rs would be given a 2:40 stop and hold penalty that would be served together.

Beretta and O’Connell would leave the penalty box without incident, however, the battle on the track continued and soon the Yellow/Black Corvettes were back in the penalty box, this time for 5:00 minutes for taking “unjustifiable risks”.

In the end, the No.3 C6.R with Magnussen and O’Connell would come out on top over teammates Gavin and Beretta. We are sure they had a stern talk from management following the race as well. In reality, it made the two-car GT1 Class more entertaining.

You can see the entire battle play out from this race-recap from 2008. This video goes back 10 years as we were making super-cuts of the races that only featured the C6.Rs.

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