Amazon and OnStar Will Now Deliver Packages to Your Corvette


Amazon and OnStar Will Now Deliver Packages to your Corvette

Here’s another use for your special Corvette. In addition to track, show, or Sunday driving use your Corvette can now function as a drop-off point for your latest purchase. The online retailer and General Motors announced last week that Amazon Prime members can have packages delivered right to their OnStar equipped vehicles.

The new feature is being rolled out in 37 cities to roughly 7 million eligible subscribers. The no-charge option is being marketed as an attempt to prevent theft of packages left on front porches. The program known as Amazon Key In-Car Delivery works with any 2015 or newer Chevrolet, GMC, Buick, or Cadillac vehicle. It’s also available to Volvo customers via their On Call account.

To use the new system subscribers need first to download the Amazon Key app and then link it to your OnStar account. OnStar will then be used to determine where the car is located as well as unlock and relock the doors. When placing your Amazon order, select in-car delivery and your packages will magically show up inside your car wherever you’re parked. The car must be in a publicly accessible area. Owners will be notified via the app when the package is en route and once it’s been delivered and the car has been relocked.

It’s just that easy. We like to think of this as a great way to order aftermarket Corvette parts. Imagine ordering a part or accessory at home or work and then having it delivered right to your car. Simply install the new part during your lunch break and test it out on the way home. Genius!

Amazon via The Detroit Free Press

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