[VIDEO] Here’s a Quick Glimpse of a Mid-Engine C8 Corvette in Colorado


[VIDEO] Here's a Quick Glimpse of the Mid Engine C8 Corvette in Colorado

Photo Credit: Karl Lieber / Twitter

Prepared to be teased because we have a quick video of the forthcoming C8 Corvette. And when we say quick, we mean the video is just four seconds in length. Lucky for us that it loops so you can those same four seconds of C8 glory over and over.

A Twitter user named Karl Lieber caught the camouflaged mid-engine C8 Corvette as it was making a turn and posted the quick video on Twitter earlier today and then tagged us so we would get the notification (Way to go Karl!!).

You can see the C8 prototype sandwiched between two equally camouflaged future truck products.

We spotted the C8 Corvettes on the road in Colorado for the first time just last week as it appears they are undergoing high-altitude testing in the Eagle, CO. area. Prior to that, there was a group of C8 prototypes seen in California’s San Jacinto Mountains.

I know this video was a scant four seconds long, but seeing the C8 on the streets just brings it home that Chevy is actually building a mid-engine Corvette.

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Karl Lieber / Twitter

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