[STOLEN] Corvette Thieves Target Les Stanford Chevrolet


[STOLEN] Corvette Thieves Target Les Stanford Chevrolet

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Famous bank robber Willie Sutton once responded to a reporter’s question about why he robbed banks by replying “That’s where the money is”. So it’s no stretch that similarly-minded thieves would target a Chevrolet dealer if they wanted to steal Corvettes.

Dearborn police were called to Les Stanford Chevrolet early Wednesday morning around 3:00 am after receiving a call from a witness who saw a mini-van pushing a Chevrolet Corvette from a storage facility lot at Rotunda Drive and Miller Road.

When police arrived on the scene, they noted damage to the security gate which allowed access to the facility. Authorities believe that two Corvettes were stolen from the facility with one of them recovered a few hours later on Detroit’s west side at 30th Street and McGraw.

There was no description or other identifying information about the stolen Corvette still at large in the Detroit Free Press article about the thefts. Police are asking anyone with info to call 313-943-8841. You can make an anonymous tip by calling HEAT (Help Eliminate Auto Theft) at 1-800-242-HEAT.

Hopefully, Police can use some of the Corvette’s advanced technology like OnStar to locate and disable the car as has been done on previous occasions.

[STOLEN] Corvette Thieves Target Les Stanford Chevrolet

Fox2Detroit has more details on the theft of Corvettes from Les Stanford Chevrolet on Wednesday. The Corvette that was stolen and recovered was a 2018 Black Grand Sport. The other Corvette still missing was also Black:

Detroit Free Press and Fox2Detroit

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