[PIC] Corvette Stingray is Between a Rock and Hard Place after Thieves Steal its Wheels


[PIC] Corvette Stingray is Between Rock and Hard Place after Thieves Steal Wheels

Here’s a pic that made the rounds over the weekend and trust us when we say it ain’t pretty.

This Torch Red Corvette Stingray was left balanced precariously on a rock after thieves stripped the car of its wheels.

The Non-Z51 Stingray wears a Florida license plate and appears to be parked in a well-lit space. It looks like the lug nuts are laying on the ground by each of the wheels.

After seeing this photo and confirming that the 2014 Corvette Stingray doesn’t come with wheel locks, we now think adding a set of wheel locks would be a smart upgrade that owners should do when they first get their new Stingray. After all, why make it easy for thieves and others that want to harm your new Corvette.

GM does make a set of wheel locks for the 2014 Corvette. They are GM Part Number #19211919 and can be ordered from your local Chevy dealer’s part counter. We checked with Paul Koerner, our resident Corvette Mechanic and he confirmed that the wheel locks for C6 Corvettes should also fit a C7 Corvette as they are the same size and thread pattern. The GM Part Number for 2013 wheel locks is #12498078.

Our friends at Corvette Central have a set of 2013 wheel locks for sale for $42.95. Wheel locks may be available at the other parts companies, but without additional testing for something that “might work”, I am hesitant to list those links here.

We understand that not everyone has the luxury of parking in-doors and hiring an armed guard isn’t the most practical expense, so deterrence and making your Corvette too hard to mess with is the next best option.

On a positive note, the owner can now look forward to a new set of wheels and tires and hopefully a set of wheel locks. Perhaps they can use the opportunity to upgrade from the base 18″ non-Z51 wheels or even go aftermarket to find a set of rims that will make the Stingray look whole again.

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