Arizona Police Arrest Man For Vandalism After Scratching Ex-Boss’s Corvette


Arizona Police Arrest Man For Vandalism After Scratching Ex-Boss's Corvette

Be careful who you hire … and fire!

That might be the best lesson to learn from a vandalism incident in Tempe, Arizona involving a very nice black Corvette.

Police say a man recently fired from his job at the Midas auto shop near Broadway and Rural roads returned to pick up his tools.

Witnesses say he did more than just that, though.

Other employees said they saw Nicolus Thomas Western, 33, use an object to “scratch the full length of the driver’s side of the victim’s 2008 Corvette Z06 causing $3,830 in damage,” court documents revealed.

Western’s ex-boss Michael Duda said he just had a feeling something was up.

“I even said something as he was standing behind me, ‘You’re not going to do anything to my car are you?'”

Duda called the vandalism “heartbreaking” – “to watch a beautiful black car with big gauges in it when you go out” suffer the damage.

The victim vows that Western will be paying for the repairs, “come rain or shine.”

Police say that Western initially told them a transient vandalized the Z06, but besides the witnesses who fingered him, there is surveillance video of the incident, too. It would appear Western walked past the car with something in his hand to quietly do the damage in literally seconds.

Western, who was arrested on August 5, now faces criminal damage charges.

We’ll leave you with some good news from ABC15 News, though. Duda is slated to get his newly repaired Corvette back next week, the car of his dreams and the car he always wanted, as he put it.


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  1. isnt it something. just because we have something nice, something good that we have worked our entire lives for gets damaged by some lazy welfare jealous wannabe vette owners.! my 15 Z06 was sratched by a transient loser. i hope there is a special hell for these people.

  2. Well said Howard. These people today have no respect for anything. They don’t deserve to breath the same air we do.

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