[VIDEO] 2017 Corvette Z06 with New Magnetic Shock Calibrations Runs 2:39.77 at VIR


[VIDEO] 2017 Corvette Z06 with New Magnetic Shock Calibrations Runs 2:29.77 at VIR

During last November’s SEMA Show, Chevrolet introduced a new set of performance suspension calibrations for C7 Corvettes with Magnetic Ride Control. The new calibrations improve response in Tour, Sport and Track modes and Chevrolet says that with the new calibrations applied to a 2016 Z06, the lap times on the Milford Road Course improved by more than a second.

Fast forward to last week’s Rolex 24 at Daytona where Cadillac won overall while the Corvette C7.Rs fought the good fight, ran incident free, and finished third and fourth in GTLM class behind the two Multimatic Ford GTs. GM’s Mark Reuss was in attendance and on Monday morning, decided to fight off the “back-to-office Monday blues” and boost the morale of Corvette owners with this hot lap video featuring a 2017 Corvette Z06 equipped with the new suspension calibrations running the VIR grand course in 2:39.77.

That’s a major improvement from the 2.41.32 lap time that Jim Mero ran on the 4.1 mile Grand Course in January 2015 with the Corvette Z06 and it shows that the new calibrations will indeed boost your lap times.

GM's Mark Reuss to Pilot the Corvette Z06 Pace Car at Belle IsleMark Reuss – GM Executive Vice President, Global Product Development, Purchasing and Supply Chain. Photo by Steve Fecht for Chevrolet

But before you watch the video, first understand how Reuss decided to share this news.

Car and Driver had the opportunity to test the Ford GT at VIR and posted the lap times earlier this month in what they are calling Lightning Lap 11.5. Behind the wheel of the $525,750 Ford GT, Car and Driver recorded a Lightning Lap in 2:43.0. For reference, the $93,480 2016 Corvette Lightning Lap time was 2:44.6.

Reuss posted a comment on this article with a link to the video and announced the new Z06 lap time of 2:39.77, making GM’s Global Product Chief our new favorite internet troll Corvette fanboy:

Enjoyed a great race weekend at the Rolex 24H at Daytona, celebrating 20 years of Corvette Racing and Cadillac’s overall win! Great way to start the race season and congrats to all the winners. To lift the back-to-office Monday blues, thought you’d enjoy our Corvette Z06’s run at VIR below. Proud to say that with a new Magnetic Ride Control calibration (avail thru Chevy dealers), the Z06 lapped VIR in 2:39.77. More exciting Corvette-VIR news to come! #iworkforGM Enjoy the video:

And that’s how you lift the back-to-work Monday blues!

The new calibrations are available at your Chevrolet dealer as a flash download which takes an hour or so to apply. The cost of the new calibrations is $350.

Car and Driver

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  1. Wow! The lap at the track is wicked fast. The new flash for the magnetic control works really great. My 2016 Z06 is going to have it installed.

    The Z06 or the new ZR1 are wonderful all American sports cars!! Haha! I am happy it only cost me $93,000.

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