[ACCIDENT] Corvette Grand Sport Lifts an SUV in a California Crash


[ACCIDENT] Corvette Grand Sport Lifts an SUV in a California Crash

A C7 Corvette Grand Sport got an unexpected workout Sunday, ramming underneath an SUV and lifting it more than two feet off the ground.

The accident happened about noon Sunday in Huntington Beach, California when the Corvette ran underneath a Toyota Highlander.

Now the driver of the Shark Gray Grand Sport faces charges of suspicion of driving under the influence, according to Officer Angela Bennett, a Huntington Police spokeswoman.

Police had gotten calls about a reckless driver near Beach Boulevard and Warner Avenue, Bennett said, but before the cops could respond, they heard about the crash.

Fortunately, no one was injured, and there’s no estimate of the damages, though the Grand Sport will need some major front-end work. We’re wondering if the motor survived being rolled on by an SUV.

Shortly after the collision, Huntington Police Department tweeted out this photo with a message to others who might be considering climbing behind the wheel after having a few drinks:


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  1. What a fucking asshole…. That POS should get the fucking needle for being such an overwhelming asshole! I’m more than certain this isn’t the first time this POS has driven drunk!

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