[ACCIDENT] Sleepy C6 Corvette Driver Makes News After Crashing into a Newspaper’s Office Building


[ACCIDENT] Sleepy C6 Corvette Driver Makes News After Crashing into a Newspaper's Office Building

After 41 years in the newspaper business, I know sometimes you have to search pretty hard to find a good story to put on the front page.

But that’s not always the case, as The Press of Atlantic City in Pleasantville, New Jersey can verify.

Just after several journalists had completed a Facebook Live discussion about 12:30 p.m. Tuesday, they were shocked by the sounds of a dark red C6 Corvette crashing into their building at 1000 W. Washington Ave.

Police say the driver of the car – 20-year-old Devon O’Neill of Pleasantville – dozed off and ran through the intersection of Devins Lane and Washington Avenue. The Corvette continued on its merry journey, jumping the curb and mowing down 75 feet of grass before ramming into the newspaper building, shattering two large first-floor windows and knocking over several file cabinets, where reporters were busy at work.

[ACCIDENT] Sleepy C6 Corvette Driver Makes News After Crashing into a Newspaper's Office Building

Fortunately, no one was injured in the crash, either in the Corvette or in the newspaper office. In photos taken at the scene, the C6 appears to have escaped with only minor damage, hopefully just scratches on the bumper and hood, which was covered with debris.

Police blamed fatigue and driver inattention for causing the crash and had not issued any charges as of 7 p.m. Tuesday.

Pleasantville Police Capt. Matthew Hartman said no tests for driving under the influence were conducted, as his officers and EMS did not detect any signs of intoxication.

Proving that you can never satisfy everyone, however, someone left a comment on The Press website, wondering why there was no story about a much more significant Monday night accident on Zion Road that left hundreds of people without electricity and cable. Nanette Passarella Houde left this comment below the Corvette story:

[ACCIDENT] Sleepy C6 Corvette Driver Makes News After Crashing into a Newspaper's Office Building

Why isn’t there any story about the accident Monday night into Tuesday in EHT on Zion Road which left hundreds of people without electricity and cable. Someone hit a pole which broke in half and continued on and hit a sign, a mailbox and continued down Zion and hit a vehicle coming the opposite way then crossed the road and hit a tree which finally stopped it. The power surge from the original hit happened at least 3 times lighting up the sky and rocking houses and caused light bulbs to blow out of sockets outside of the houses and caused control panels on two French door refrigerators to blow up and a microwave to blow up. The surge came through the white wires from the pole in which surge protectors cannot help a homeowner. We want to know who the driver was that caused all this damage! He was taken away in an ambulance and Atlantic Electric crews worked to restore electric through the night until 10 a.m.

Why no story? Probably because it didn’t happen at the newspaper office – sometimes a journalist’s proximity to an event can be the difference between a story and no story, at least in as timely a fashion as the Corvette crash. Reporters can’t be everywhere.


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