[ACCIDENT] Mon Dieu! Rare C5 Corvette Strikes Parked Cars in France


[ACCIDENT] Mon Dieu! Rare C5 Corvette Strikes Parked Cars in France

Photo Credit: lavoixdunord.fr

Google translate is not only one of the most useful services offered by the search behemoth, it’s also one of the more entertaining. For example, we know this 2004 Corvette was involved in a crash in Berlaimont France, and with the help of Google translate, we learned that “a drama was narrowly avoided.”

Here are the details as they were translated from lavoixdunord.fr:

The accident, which occurred in the middle of the afternoon according to our information, did not cause any serious injuries but consequent damage, including on the only car in question that ended its race against garbage cans and the facade of a house. The police went to the scene, but the incident finally had to be settled amicably between the owners of the vehicles concerned. According to one witness, the driver who was on board reported a mechanical problem causing her loss of control, but the same evokes a speed inappropriate at the time of the facts on this street very close to the city hall and limited at 50 km/h: “A drama was narrowly avoided”.

The really sad news is that the car appears to the 2004 Commemorative Edition Coupe. Chevrolet didn’t export the Z06 to Europe during the C5 years, and so when the 2004 Commemorative Edition was offered, a special European version (RPO Z18) would add the stripes, carbon fiber hood, red calipers and the CE embroidered seats. Only 46 of these cars were made.

Now there is one less.


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