[VIDEO] Arsonist Fails to Set Oil Change Shop on Fire by Torching a C4 Corvette


[VIDEO] Arsonist Fails to Set Oil Change Shop on Fire by Torching a C4 Corvette

Some people say the C4 Corvette doesn’t get the respect it deserves.

The owner of an oil change business in Evansville, Ind., that was hit by arson this week would likely agree with that assessment.

According to Evansville Fire Department Investigator Richard Howard, someone broke into the Speedy Oiler and started two fires – one by lighting an oil rag and sticking it into the gas tank of a red C4 Corvette inside the business, the other in the back office of the shop.

Owner Jim Turpin said he opened the door of the business and it was filled with smoke.

“I run and open up all the doors,” Turpin said. “I go into the office and it’s totally destroyed. They tried to destroy my building, they tried to destroy my business. I don’t know what’s going on in their minds? What would make someone do that?”

The fire damaged several costly pieces of equipment in the office, but the Corvette suffered only minor damage and burn marks around the gas filler area. Some items were also taken by the perpetrators, though they didn’t get the company’s safe.

Fortunately, the business remains open, according to Turpin, who said they just can’t take credit cards right now.


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