Florida Attorney Behind Class-Action Lawsuit is also a Corvette Z06 Owner and HPDE Enthusiast


Florida Attorney Behind Class-Action Lawsuit is also a Corvette Z06 Owner and HPDE Enthusiast

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West Palm Beach attorney Jason Weisser isn’t just representing other drivers who say their C7 Z06 supercar has left them disappointed.

He’s one of the fold.

Weisser also happens to be a Corvette Z06 owner who loves to track his “brilliant … amazing” vehicle, as he described it in a recent interview with The Palm Beach Post.

But persistent overheating problems have left him questioning the decision to buy one of the Corvettes that sometimes list for more than $100,000.

“If you don’t pit your car to let it cool down,” Weisser says, “you’ll go into limp mode.”

He says that’s an unsafe situation on the track as well as the highway.

“A Z06 rapidly decelerating on a highway is dangerous and can result in a high-speed collision,” Weisser claimed in a multi-million-dollar lawsuit, filed earlier this month in U.S. District Court in Florida with Coral Gables attorney Stuart Grossman and Seattle attorney Steve Berman.

The suit calls the situation “unacceptable” for Z06 owners, who he says were told by GM they were buying a track-proven car.

“It’s frustrating,” Weisser says. “It’s a brilliant car. It’s an amazing car. But for GM to deny it doesn’t have this problem is laughable.”

Actually, we’re not sure GM is denying it. Weisser himself admits that GM has lived up to its warranties and repaired cars that have overheated. Weisser, however, believes the problem is “just a bad design” and “just about air flow.”

He says Corvette Chief Engineer Tadge Juechter himself has admitted the problem appears most often in hot climates, including in a February 2015 statement:

“Some may wonder why don’t we design to higher temperatures, say 110 degrees, to accommodate southern tracks in the summer,” Juechter wrote. “We have used the ‘pro driver at 86 degrees’ criteria for generations of Corvettes and for the vast majority of customers, it has resulted in excellent performance for their usage.”

In that same statement, Juechter (who has been quoted in other sources as saying that the overheating problem affects only about 5 percent of Z06s) wrote that designing the car for higher temperatures would require it to be larger, causing “a huge impact on appearance and aerodynamic drag.”

Weisser doesn’t buy that argument, pointing to the high-powered Chevrolet Camaro that apparently doesn’t have the overheating problems, and says that engine modifications for the 2017 Z06 still haven’t eliminated the situation. He believes that GM should buy back the cars or offer exchanges to dissatisfied customers who have lost resale value as a result.

I guess we’ll find out in court one day. So what do you think? Would you still buy a C7 Z06?


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  1. Racing or tracking a corvette in 110 degree whether is absurd in the first place.

    It hasn’t stopped me from ordering my 2018 corvette with 7speed transmission that I would think would stay cooler than a automatic

  2. Thanks for printing this little legal tid-bit on the ZO6 over heating problem, which quite possibly is nothing much more than a tempest in a teapot, but . . . . . you never know.

    For one thing GM has never “officially” announced that there is an over heating issue, but they are most definitely aware of same. For 2017 they installed a larger air-volumed supercharger. Hmmm, I wonder why? GM should have put on their big boy pants and done a recall on the ’15s and ’16s and just replaced the older SC top lid with the new higher air-volumed lid. They’ve done recalls before on other models for much smaller issues.

    I doubt this will ever make it to court though, unless there is death or injury to an owner of a ’15 or ’16 and it can be proven that it was a result of the car de-tuning itself. GM has deep pockets so it’s just a matter of who out dollars who.

    Would I still buy a C7 ZO6? Possibly a used one but only if it came with a comprehensive extended warranty. As to a new ’17 or ’18, I would purchase same except what would hold me back now is the lack of the “official” release of the ZR1. Why? I want to wait and see what engine is in the ZR1. To my way of thinking if it’s basically a tweaked for more hp ZO6 engine, then that might explain why they haven’t released any information on the ZR1 yet. GM is having issues with the car and it just might be the engine. If the ZR1 has the rumored LT5 engine, well that would just cause me to wait to see/read if the ’17s or ’18s were having over heating issues as well. (Apologies that my two cents turned into a nickel’s worth.)

  3. The overheating issue is frustrating, unsafe however…doubtful, if you’re paying attention to your gauges you shouldn’t allow it to go into limp mode. Been there done that after only 8 or 9 laps at PBIR. There are after market kits that require you to change the front Fascia that have huge UGLY but effective air vents to larger capacity oil coolers and radiator and additional fender venting to exhaust hot air. LG claims it solves the problem. Unfortunately my C7.R will never know since I wont be making modifications like that to a limited edition Z06. Its a shame a car of this caliber that runs with Porsches, Ferraris & McLarens suffers such a simple design flaw. I hope the GM warranty fix works, we’ll see. Good Luck with the suit, I hope it encourages GM to step up and make the right fix without external visible mods.

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