[STOLEN] 1962 Corvette Stolen from Garage in Essex, UK


[STOLEN] 1962 Corvette Stolen from Garage in Essex, UK

It’s not often that we report about a Corvette being stolen in jolly old England, since there aren’t very many over there.

But sadly, that’s the case for 60-year-old architect Tom Moss, who says his 1962 Corvette was stolen from his garage in the Romford, Essex UK area around Feb. 21, 2017. Since then, he’s gotten two calls from people living in the district who believe they’ve seen it, but Moss fears “it is on its way to some far flung place.”

With Corvettes so rare in England, one would think the stolen vehicle would stand out like a sore thumb.

[STOLEN] 1962 Corvette Stolen from Garage in Essex, UK

We received an email from a friend of Mr. Moss who gave more particulars about the stolen Corvette.

“The car had been standing for a while and would not have started as I also removed the rotor arm and battery,” the friend says, “so it must have been trailered away. The locks on the garage had been cut with an angle grinder as had the padlock on the main gate.”

The car was stored in a residential area, and unfortunately no cameras recorded the theft.

The Corvette – which has a Roman Red exterior with a black interior and a white soft top – is equipped with fuel injection and power windows, among other options.

[STOLEN] 1962 Corvette Stolen from Garage in Essex, UK

Mr. Moss has owned the Corvette for 22 years and says “this car means a lot to me.” He’s heavily into Corvettes and indeed serves as treasurer of the National Corvette Restorers Society.

We certainly hope someone living in the area of Basildon and Billericay can help Mr. Moss find his pride and joy, though it could be anywhere by now. As such, be on the lookout for a Corvette with the following numerical identifiers: Registration Number VSU 724. VIN 20867S104480. Engine Number 2104480 FI215RF. Block Casting Number 3782870


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  1. I know how Tom feels! I’m still waiting for the return of my Laguna Blue 1966 Corvette coupe, VIN 699, 327/300, 4-speed, AM-FM, tele wheel, stolen uninsured while I was a grad student in Lexington, KY on January 11, 1981. I had just done a body-off the previous summer.

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