[VIDEO] 30 Years of Callaway Corvettes: The Sledgehammer


[VIDEO] 30 Years of Callaway Corvettes: The Sledgehammer

The National Corvette Museum is hosting an exhibit through May 2017 to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the Callaway Corvette. On display are 15 models of Callaway Corvettes through the years from the early C4 B2K Twin Turbo model though the modern day C7 Callaway SC757 Corvette Z06.

We were excited to hear that the NCM is helping to introduce each of the Callaway Corvettes on display with a special video. Callaway’s Chris Chessnoe will be taking us through the exhibit on what makes each of the Callaway Corvettes special or unique. To kick off the series is probably the most famous car in the exhibit, the Callaway Sledgehammer.

The Sledgehammer was a special purpose built car designed to exceed top speed records while highlighting Callaway’s engineering. In 1988, the car was driven from Connecticut to Ohio where it would run on the Transportation Research Center’s test track. It would end up hitting a record speed of 254.76 MPH.

Here is the 30 Years of Callaway Corvettes – the Callaway Sledgehammer:

If you want to know about the Callaway Sledgehammer, check out this youtube video showing the work that Reeves Callaway and his engineeers did to get the car to reach 254+ mph.

National Corvette Museum / YouTube

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