[VIDEO] COLD Vette – How a 1982 Corvette Ended Up in Iceland


[VIDEO] COLD Vette - How a 1982 Corvette Ended Up in Iceland

You never know where a Corvette is going to turn up.

Take, for example, this white 1982 Corvette that left the United States and today is roaring along on the roads of Iceland!

The owner, Sigfus B. Sverrisson, has been around cars his whole life, thanks to his grandfather – the man who founded the company that imported Volkswagens, Land Rovers, and Audis to Iceland years ago.

Sverrisson says he could identify vehicles by their headlights by the time he was four years old, but it was on a trip to America that he fell in love with Corvettes.

He and his mom were enjoying a float at a Howard Johnson’s when a Corvette pulled into the parking lot. It was love at first sight for Sverrisson, who says the sports car looked like it was going 200 miles per hour.

“I had never seen anything like it,” he said.

[VIDEO] COLD Vette - How a 1982 Corvette Ended Up in Iceland

Once he returned home to Iceland, it took him 10 years, but he finally became one of only two Corvette owners in the entire country at that time.

Now, he drives this white 1982 that he imported from America, prompting lots of curious glances from fellow motorists in Iceland.

“When people see it they smile, they look at it and they wonder if they know Corvettes at all,” Sverrisson says.

That smile seems to be a universal reaction to Corvettes.


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  1. I was at a car dealer with my folks in 1954 when I saw my first one. I said I was was going to have one one day and my Dad said you can’t haul hay on it, why would you want one ? I’m on my 5th one now.
    And I don’t haul any hay.

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