DUI Driver Crashes C6 Corvette and Bails on Trapped Female Passenger


DUI Driver Crashes C6 Corvette and Bails on Trapped Female Passenger

Photo Credit: fox19.com

A Mason, Ohio man apparently didn’t learn a lesson from serving time in jail for an accident that killed his passenger and best friend nine years ago.

Fox19 reports that Roman Zmood, 29, is back in jail facing multiple charges after a Labor Day crash left his red C6 Corvette badly damaged after it slammed into a tree.

Zmood jumped out of the car and ran this time, leaving his passenger to fend for herself, but the City of Mason Police Department wound up taking him into custody later. He faces four charges, including another OVI charge, Operating Under OVI Suspension, and two other violations.

An anonymous acquaintance told Fox19 News that it was simply a case of history repeating itself.

“You would think that the punishment of him losing his best friend was harsh enough on top of, you know, what the courts gave him but, you know, history repeats itself,” the acquaintance told the TV station.

In 2007, Zmood was charged with Aggravated Vehicular Assault and Child Endangering, among others, after the accident killed his passenger, Dustin Russell.

This week, Zmood apparently knew he was in trouble as soon as the accident happened.

“As soon as he hit, he looked at her and said ‘I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry’ and he jumped out of the car and ran,” Fox19’s source said. “She called 911 herself from being trapped in the passenger side of that car. Nobody should have to be in a position like that.”


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