[ACCIDENT] Texas Corvette Driver Killed in Suspected DWI Crash with Off-Duty Police Officer


[ACCIDENT] Texas Corvette Driver Killed in Suspected DWI Crash with Off-Duty Police Officer

Photo Credit: Jeff Ehling / ABC13

An 8-year-old girl lost her father in a horrific head-on crash in Fort Bend County, Texas on Friday morning.

And, the veteran Houston police officer who ran head-on into her dad’s silver C5 Z06 Corvette has been put on paid leave, pending the results of a blood alcohol test.

Brian Manring, 36, also known as the “Candy Man” because he owned a vending business, was headed to pick up a worker, Kadeem Graham, when the accident occurred at 6:30 a.m. Friday.

“Every day was a great moment,” Graham told a KTRK-TV ABC13 Eyewitness News reporter. “He always made you laugh. He was that one funny friend.”

Manring was headed eastbound on Beechnut near FM 1464 when the police officer, who was off-duty and has not been named as of yet, struck his Corvette head-on with his Chevrolet Tahoe, causing extensive damage to the driver’s side of the Z06.

The cop, who has worked with the Houston Police Department almost seven years, refused to take a field sobriety test on the scene, though investigating cops on the scene detected a smell of alcohol on him.

“Subsequently, we did get a warrant and did a blood draw from him when he was transported to the hospital,” Major Chad Norvell said.

The results of that test won’t be known for two to three weeks, so no DWI charges have been filed yet, a normal procedure, according to local attorney Kate Ferrell, an attorney at Tyler Flood and Associates, a firm that specializes in DWI cases.

In the meantime, the cop, who is assigned to the Midwest Patrol Station, has been relieved of duty.

“That makes it 10 times worse,” Graham said. “He’s supposed to be protecting and serving.”

Manring’s neighbor, Taryn Keene, talked to KTRK about her friend’s relationship with his daughter.

“That’s what Brian lived for, to put a smile on Holly’s face,” Keene said, “and she’s not going to have that anymore. It’s horrible. I’m crying for him, and I’m crying for Holly.”

Keene said she wants to know the consequences for the cop. “When are they going to come and what are they going to do about it? I want to know.”

Another longtime friend of Manring, Mindy Nees, told KRPC-TV Click2Houston: “He was just a big kid, always trying to improve himself, a great dad. We will miss him so much.”


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  1. Name another profession where you kill someone and you get paid leave. Why does it take 2 to 3 weeks for Test Results if your a Cop and Joe Citizen’s results would be the next day. If this Cop had any Balls he would take his Medicine and do the same as they always tell the public “Do the Crime; Do the time” Now and 8 yr old young girl will have to grow up without a Dad because this P.O.S. has to drive while intoxicated. My City Police Dept. has had an inhouse Alcohol Program for decades that nobody is supposed to know about. Same Cops giving out DUI Citations are Drunks themselves. Talk about Hipocrisy !

  2. I agree with Mary. Yeah – Joe Blow – US Citiizen – would have had his intoxication results on the news the next day. Of course we could talk about the illegal aliens who kill people while intoxicated but that is OK too.
    They need 2 weeks so they can come up with a story on how the corvette driver was at fault – not the police officer

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