[VIDEO] Robbie Knievel Jumps his Motorcycle Over 18 Corvettes and Camaros


[VIDEO] Robbie Knievel Jumps his Motorcycle Over 18 Corvettes and Camaros

Like father, like son.

Watch this video as second generation daredevil Robbie Knievel, following in the footsteps of his dad, the legendary Evel Knievel, jumps over 18 Corvettes (well, actually it looks like a couple of Camaros are thrown in there to us).

The successful stunt, which ended with Robbie clearing all the cars and coming to a gradual stop against a pile of hay bales, came during a celebration and groundbreaking for the construction of a new Clay Cooley Auto Center on Saturday in Irving, Texas.

Don’t blink, though, or you may miss this stunt, which took less than three seconds to complete.

By the way, we loved Evel Knievel as a kid and were really pulling for him to complete that rocket jump over Snake River Canyon in 1974. You may have heard that Evel holds the Guinness Book of World Records as the survivor of most broken bones (433) in a lifetime, making us wonder how successful a daredevil he was since he got hurt so much!

Of course, it was more exciting to watch a wild crash than a successful jump, so as long as Evel came out alive in the end, any of his jumps might be deemed successful according to his fans. Those broken bones and hospital stays just added to his popularity.


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