[ACCIDENT] Man Does a Motorcycle Wheelie and Trashes a Woman’s C6 Corvette


[ACCIDENT] Man Does a Motorcycle Wheelie and Trashes a Woman's C6 Corvette

This next story comes from a vblogger in Vancouver who comments on motorcycle videos while watching them. To set up this video, our vblogger calls out the motorcyclist as a “real man” for having fun, doing wheelies and owning up to his eventual mistake.

The video opens with a man wearing a helmet cam while riding a motorcycle on a four-lane road. Our vblogger makes some comments and then starts the action which shows the motorcyclist attempting to split the lanes between traffic…while doing a wheelie. It’s amazing he doesn’t die here as when he passes the red C6 Corvette, his foot peg hits the front quarterpanel of the Corvette and nearly rips the front fascia off the car.

But as our vblogger says, the motorcyclist owns up to the stunt gone awry and pulls over with the driver. As the female driver exits her car, he apologizes to her by saying “I’m sorry”. Obviously she is not amused. As she surveys the damage to her car, she puts her hands to her face and says “oh my god!”.

So is this guy a “real man” for owning up to his mistake or should the woman just beat the crap out of him and leave him on the side a road? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter and Facebook.


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  1. Re: Corvette accident commentator (Alex) and crazed wheelie biker. You’re both idiots, not “real men!” A real man would ride his bike in a safe manner for thousands of miles on back roads cross country, not doing “crotch rocket” Lane splits and wheelies on trafficked roads.
    No great loss if the “organ donor” biker dies, but the loss of an original Corvette body panel-
    Irreplaceable! But seriously, he could have caused a major accident. Take away his bike and license!

  2. The Missus would have beaten the crap out of him on site, then call the law. Dumbasses are going to be dumbasses…

  3. No, he is an immature moran. Hey, great…he owned up to his mistake. But doing it in the first place shows total disregard for everyone around him. What if he had crashed, slid out in front of the car, and the lady ran him over — how does he apologize to her for that (oh yea, he is probably dead).

    What if the lady had swerved to avoid killing him, and gotten into a serious accident herself — ending up in the ER? Does a “sorry” cover potentially life changing damage to an innocent bystander?

    And what about all of the headache he caused that lady. He might have owned up to it and even paid to fix the car, but SHE was stuck with the headache of getting it done.

    No indeed, he is not a real man. He is a little child showing off. Want to do stunts? Go do it AWAY from people. That way when you wipe out, you only hurt yourself.

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