[ACCIDENT] General Hospital Star’s C6 Corvette Hit By Jeep Driver


[ACCIDENT] General Hospital Star's C6 Corvette Hit By Jeep Driver

As you can expect, TMZ is all over the case as General Hospital star Bryan Craig’s black C6 Corvette Coupe was hit by a woman in a jeep who ran a red light on Wednesday afternoon in Hollywood, CA. The Corvette shows a deep gash in the passenger side door from the impact with jeep and the collission forced the Corvette off the road where it was stopped by a fire hydrant.

Bryan explains how the crash went down in the video:

I was coming back from an editing session and I was going through an intersection and a lady blew a light and t-boned me and my car went sideways and then the hydant is actually what stopped me from hitting a house. It was pretty crazy.”

TMZ’s Harvey Levin is somewhat incredulous when he learns that not only did the Corvette’s airbags not deploy, but Bryan admitted that he wasn’t wearing his seatbelt.

Bryan claims the jeep’s driver was dazed following the accident and as her jeep was leaking fluids and gas, he pulled her to safety.

Here’s the post-crash interview from TMZ with Bryan Craig:


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  1. yea, jeeps hate corvettes thats why im selling my 06 rubi. ever since i brought homee my 08 Z51 sportster my rubi was upset. i had to keep them in seperate drives but when i purchased my 15 Z06 it really pissed off rubi. so i have to sell her off. i cant have them at each others throut all the time. rubi tried to winch my Z into traffic and then into a lake.

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