[ACCIDENT] Corvette Driver Narrowly Avoids Cyclist Struck by Pickup Truck


[ACCIDENT] Corvette Driver Narrowly Avoids Cyclist Struck by Pickup Truck

The driver of a white Corvette came close to tragedy in Las Vegas on Tuesday morning but miraculously didn’t strike a bicyclist thrown in the path of his car after being hit by a red pickup.

The cyclist is in critical condition with brain and spine injuries, according to Sgt. Richard Strader of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.

The cyclist, who was not identified, was legally riding his bike on the sidewalk (though without a helmet) when the truck crossed over into oncoming traffic and jumped a curb near Alta Drive and Antelope Way around 9 a.m., striking the cyclist and throwing him into the path of the Corvette.

Police released the Corvette driver from the scene. He declined to give 13 Action News his name but said he “feels bad for the guy hit.”

The pickup driver was arrested after resisting an officer and acting in a “suspicious manner,” according to Sgt. Strader.

“We don’t know if he was trying to assist the bicyclist but he was acting in a strange manner,” he said.

Strader said the officer suffered minor injuries in an altercation with the pickup driver.

“It was more wrestling,” Strader said. “He didn’t assault the officer. He was basically struggling. He wasn’t listening to the officer or his instructions. He was trying to get away from him. So he tried to stop him but he turned around and there was a short short struggle.”


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