CorvetteBlogger Prices the New 2017 Corvette Grand Sport at $69,795


CorvetteBlogger Prices the New 2017 Corvette Grand Sport at $69,795

As soon as we finished posting yesterday’s introduction of the 2017 Corvette Grand Sport from the Geneva Motor Show, our attention turned to the business side as where we think this model will fall into the current C7 Corvette lineup. The Corvette Grand Sport will fall between the Corvette Stingray Z51 and the Corvette Z06 and therefore we believe the MSRP for the new Corvette will start at $69,795 (and yes, that includes the $995 destination fee).

So how did we get to that number? First we pulled historical pricing from the C6 generation and calculated the differences in pricing between the Corvette Coupe, the Grand Sport Coupe and the Z06.

Model 2010 2011 2012 2013 2016
Coupe $49,880 $48,950 $49,525 $49,600 $60,400
GS Coupe $55,720 $54,790 $55,925 $56,000 N/A
Z06 $75,235 $74,305 $75,525 $75,600 $79,400

The differences between pricing in the C6 generation was pretty consistent over those four years. In 2010-2011, the pricing between the base Corvette Coupe and the Grand Sport was $5,840 and that climbed to $6,400 in 2012-2013 model years.

The Z06 prices compared to the Grand Sport prices were consistent as well. In 2010-2011, that difference was $19,515 and in 2012-2013 it climbed slightly to $19,600.

Now, here is where we have to make some assumptions. We believe the Corvette Grand Sport in 2017 will inherit much of the Z51 Stingray’s chassis and base options. These would have come at an additional price on the C6 base Coupes. We also know that the Grand Sport will be making several options standard including Magnetic Ride Control and the Electronic Limited Slip Differential (eSLD).

Like the Z06, the Corvette Grand Sport will have different levels of aerodynamics with a base configurations and the Z07 Performance Package. Looking at the car that unveiled yesterday in Geneva, that’s the up-level Collectors Edition with the Z07’s carbon fiber rockers and splitter. Looking at Chevrolet’s Corvette Grand Sport website which shows the Admiral Blue Grand Sport, those look to be painted rockers, the front slitter has no winglets whatsoever and on the rear is a the standard body-color spoiler.

So if we take the $60,400 base price for the Z51 Stingray, figure the historical difference between the base coupe and Grand Sport Coupe, and then add Magnetic Ride and eSLP, as well as a base aero package, that will add up to about $8,400 which gets us to the base MSRP price of $68,800. Adding the mandatory $995 destination fee, our estimated price for the base 2017 Corvette Grand Sport comes in at $69,795.

2017 Corvette Grand Sport
Photo Credit: Autoblog

We’ve also been talking to a few peeps about this and we think the base 1LZ 2017 Corvette Z06 pricing will go up now that the Big Nasty’s Angry Little Brother will be available. Current 2016 MSRP for the Corvette Z06 is $79,400. I wouldn’t be surprised to see it go up to around $83K or so and watch for Chevy to add some content to the Z06 to justify the price increase. For example, the base aerodynamics package might include rocker panels as standard equipment.

Finally, this estimate is based on 2016 prices we haven’t figured in any kind of price increases for the existing models. As Chevrolet has raised the base MSRP every year since the C7’s arrival in 2014, we have to think another increase is coming for 2017. After all, $435 million paint shops for assembly plants don’t grown on trees.

So how do you think we did? Too low? Too high? Should we start a pool for guessing the 2017 Corvette Grand Sport’s MSRP price? Tell us what you think the price will be in our comments section below.

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  1. Maybe I’m just wishing so it fits my budget a little better, but there are plenty of brand new Z’s between $70 and $75K (kerbeck, lorenzo bomnin, and macmulkin). If the price on a new GS is $69K then you are already in the Z’s wheelhouse and may as well go for that model. The disparity in pricing at $69K just isn’t that much. It’s similar to the pricing on the Z28 when it was released. Why buy that when you can get more performance for less money out of the “halo”? My two cents. I’m just hoping it’s a Tadge bit lower so the price doesn’t make me say “eh, the Z is only a few K more so I’ll take the better of the two performing.”

  2. I think you are too high. Your chart and theory is missing one piece of vital information. The Grand Sport replaced the Z51 option in 2010. In your chart and theory, you compare the price difference of a non-Z51 base Corvette coupe to a Grand Sport coupe in years 2010 through 2013. If we’re using history as our guide, we need to assume the GS will replace the Z51 model again. Your estimated 2017 GS price should be based off the non-Z51 base Corvette price, not the Z51 model as shown in your chart. The correct estimate based on your theory should be $64,795, including destination.

  3. @foreignbishob – Those prices at the volume dealers are discounted from MSRP and its only logical that they will discount the Grand Sport as well, so for the most part, whatever the difference the two cars are at MSRP will be mostly the same when discounted.

    @Nate – Great point about the GS replacing the Z51 option and that is one of the questions we’ll have for GM at the Bash is if this C7 GS will also be replacing Z51, leaving the Stingray model as the base car only. Assuming it stays, I still think there needs to be some distance between the Z51 and GS prices.

  4. i have a 2010 grand sport with two options heritage pkg. and exhaust pkg the car sticker for 59,845 i feel the car will base will be 65,000

  5. Your MSRP I believe is pretty much on point. If I were in the market for a C7 it would be an every option available ZO6. I currently own a 1,000 rwhp 2007 ZO6 built by Next Level Performance in Altamonte Springs, Florida and I have a 2013 60th Anniversary 427 Convertible #1555 of production with 6,400 miles on it as well as a dyno tune and CAI putting down 485 rwhp. I know I’m keeping my built C6 ZO6, but I may jump from the 60th anniversary to a C7 ZO7.. I do not plan on doing any further mods on the Anniversary being it a limited production vehicle and a collector’s edition. I want to keep it as stock as possible. It’s Velocity Yellow with a black top and black cup wheels. I have the window sticker for both my Corvette’s and the ZO6 stickered at $79,000 in 2007 and the 60th Anniversary stickered at $89,600. If I can work a deal for a C7 ZO7 with selling the Anniversary I just may take the plunge..

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