[PICS] Zolland Design Gives the C7 Corvette a Midyear Makeover


[PICS] Zolland Design Gives the C7 Corvette a Midyear Makeover

When the C7 Corvette made its public debut in January 2013 at the Detroit auto show, some people complained that it didn’t look like a Corvette anymore because it didn’t have round tail lights.

Nobody ever complained that it didn’t have chrome bumpers or softer lines like the 1963-67 models, though.

Never you mind because a Swedish 3D boat, car and product design company founded 14 years ago by Bo Zolland decided to come up with their idea of what a love child of a C7 and a C2 Corvette would look like.

The first thing you notice is the soft lines on the fenders, or maybe the chrome bumpers on the front and back will stand out to you.

Zolland Design Gives the C7 Corvette a Midyear Makeover

Standing behind the creation, you’ll see that the Zolland design features a boat-tail design on the rear end.

The overall effect isn’t necessarily an ugly car, but suffice it to say that we’re glad Ed Welburn and crew didn’t come up with this kind of retro look for the C7.

We’ll stick with our sharp lines and flat rear end of the current seventh generation, thank you.

So what do YOU think about this design? Should we leave well enough alone, or should we try to re-imagine the C7 with a C2 influence the way Zolland did?

It’s funny that this design should pop up now because as I was reading the latest edition of Corvette Magazine a couple of days ago, I was just thinking how much the C7 looks like a C2 from a front angle, but with a modern twist.

Zolland Design Gives the C7 Corvette a Midyear Makeover


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  1. I say without hesitation it is superior in design to the production C7. Extraordinary job gentleman!
    Very creative and balanced beautifully. The frontal design is extraordinary, and I definitely prefer the slope of the rear deck.very well done!

  2. The car? It’s OK but those WHEELS– Love ’em! They mimic the old 15″
    KH Knockoffs of the Midyears but with a modern sensibility.
    They’d look great on a C7 or even a C2 running 17’s or more!
    Info please!!!!!!! [email protected]

  3. Hat’s off to Zolland Design for showing us what “world class” really looks like. Now let’s pin that to the wall and try and improve on it for the next C8?

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