[VIDEO] Mom has a Priceless Reaction to her Son’s C6 Corvette Z06


[VIDEO] Mom has a Priceless Reaction in her Son's C6 Corvette Z06

Here’s a funny video that is sure to give you a laugh today.

This mom was busy cooking food for the holidays when her son decided he wanted to take her for a ride in his Corvette Z06. Despite knowing that her son was going to “drive fast” in his C6, she gets in the car anyway and off they go.

At first, he’s being a good boy by keeping a light foot on the throttle. But pretty soon, she’s screaming and throwing around a few choice NSFW words that we wont repeat here. She was a good sport even though she was laughing but still half-mad, telling her son she was going to kill him when they got home.

Have you ever gotten this kind of reaction from your mom, dad or significant other while driving your Corvette? Tell us about below in the comments.


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  1. Next article: remember the guy who scared his mom? Cops come knocking and give him a reckless driving ticket. LOL

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