[VIDEO] Ron Fellows Talks About the Michelin Corvette Challenge


[VIDEO] Ron Fellows Talks About the Michelin Corvette Challenge

The big news in the air for Corvette fans at the SEMA show last week was the new Michelin Corvette Challenge racing series to be held at the Spring Mountain Motor Resort and Country Club starting in February.

So to understand the series a bit more, we corralled Ron Fellows and Chevrolet’s Mark Dickens to talk about the series and the specific Z06 performance parts that Chevrolet was making available for the Challenge Corvettes as well as anyone else who wants to add performance to their Corvette Stingrays.

The Michelin Corvette Challenge is a 15-race series that will be held over 8 weekends throughout 2016 at Spring Mountain’s race facility in Pahrump, NV. This is an entry level racing series where participants will buy their own cars, which are then outfitted identically with the various Z06 performance parts and Michelin race slicks. The cars will be kept at Spring Mountain between the races to maintain integrity of the series. At the final weekend in December when the overall winner is announced at an awards banquet, participants will then be allowed to take their cars home.

Ron says the Corvettes now equipped with the Z06 performance parts and the Michelin slicks gave him a 4-second advantage on Spring Mountain’s east track over the stock Corvette Stingray Z51 Coupes. The new track cars were validated in 102 degree desert heat as Ron ran the car through multiple tanks of gas.

[VIDEO] Ron Fellows Talks About the Michelin Corvette Challenge

When Mark joins our conversation, he talks about which Z06 performance parts were chosen for the Stingray and why.

The selected performance parts fit into four categories: cooling, braking, handling and aerodynamics. As Mark says, these parts are not just for the participants of the Michelin Corvette Challenge. Anyone who wants to add these Z06 performance parts to their Stingrays can do so by placing an order through the Chevrolet Performance Catalog available at your Chevrolet dealer. The Z06 parts are standalone and not part of a package so you can add whichever parts you want to install.

Here is Ron and Mark from the SEMA floor with the Corvette Stingray Track Day Concept car in the background:

If you are interested in participating in the Michelin Corvette Challenge, visit MichelinCorvetteChallenge.com. To view all the Z06 performance parts available to the Corvette Stingray, download the 2016 Chevrolet Performance Catalog. The specific parts are on page 49.

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