[VIDEO] SEMA Interview with Mid America Motorworks’ Mike Yager


[VIDEO] SEMA Interview with Mid America Motorwork's Mike Yager

On our final day of SEMA last week, we bumped into our friends Mike and Blake Yager from Mid America Motorworks. Mike was scouting new products at the show and so we thought we’d talk with him about what he looks for at SEMA, as well as the latest happenings at Mid America Motorworks.

Mike says SEMA is perfect for trend spotting as its a great way to see what people are doing with their cars. He said that you don’t always have to look exclusively at Corvettes to understand what is happening in the automotive hobby. Mike touched on two areas that are of interest right now with Corvette owners, restomod products for the older Corvettes as well as aerodynamic and performance parts for new C7 Corvettes.

It’s also no accident that we filmed the interview in front of the Corvette Stingray Track Day Concept car. Mid America Motorworks was one of the primary sponsors for the original Corvette Challenge series that ran in 1988-89 and so the new Michelin Corvette Challenge is something that Mike is very interested in as well. No doubt that it would be cool to see some of the leading businesses in our hobby sponsor a car for the new Challenge Series.

We also asked Mike about some of the new services and offerings from Mid America Motorworks. The company has gotten into restoration services in a big way and as Mike says, everything you see and touch in the Corvette, from gauge clusters to radios to clocks, they all wear out.

“You send us the part and we’ll rebuild it,” Mike says.

Along with the Restoration Services, Mike also touches on the new install services available at their Effingham, IL location. To see what’s available for install, there is a “wrench” icon on their website that designate it as a product that can be installed by the experts at Mid America Motorworks.

Wrapping up the conversation, Mike gives us some insight on what its like to sell cars from his collection. Short version? “It sucks,” says Mike. Mike also shares some personal news as his son Michael and his wife are expecting a baby in the new few weeks and so be on the lookout for “M3” news coming shortly.

Mike has been a great friend and sponsor of CorvetteBlogger over the years and so it was great to catch up with the man himself at SEMA. Here’s our full interview from the Corvette display at SEMA:

Learn more about all the products and services available for Corvette owners from Mid America Motorworks by visiting their website at: www.mamotorworks.com/corvette/.

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