New York Corvette Buyer Scammed by Fake Dealership


New York Corvette Buyer Scammed by Fake Dealership

In the market for a used Corvette?

You might want to learn from the School of Hard Knocks attended by a retired New York school administrator.

Robert Broncatello was excited about picking up a used 2009 Corvette with less than 19,000 miles showing on the odometer, listed on the Internet with a dealership in Montana.

After making several phone calls to Robert Jones, Broncatello decided he had found the Corvette of his dreams and flew on a one-way ticket to Montana to pick up the car.

Unfortunately, that’s where the story turns sad. Come to find out, there was no Jones Auto Sales, no Robert Jones, no Corvette, period.

Broncatello was smart enough not to send any money to the dealership, wanting to avoid a scam, but he is still out a couple of thousand bucks for the airplane ticket from New York.

New York Corvette Buyer Scammed by Fake Dealership

He can’t figure out why the ruse.

“I wish I knew,” Broncatello says. “It didn’t make any sense to me. Never gotten scammed before. Usually when I find a car online that is a scam, I tell them I’m coming down to look at the car, they call me back and say the car’s just been sold. But in this case, I spoke over the period of three days. Had conversations with him other than the car. He was having a driver pick me up from the airport and take him over to his dealership, which was over here on 1st Avenue. And it doesn’t exist.”

KTVQ in Billings tried to contact Mr. Jones, but after a brief conversation, the man answering the phone hung up and now the number has been disconnected.

Broncatello would like to talk to Mr. Jones and has this message for him:

“‘Where are you? I’d like to meet you.’ That’s what I’d like to say. I’m from New York. Need I say any more,” Broncatello said.

Broncatello says he has no hard feelings and simply bought another one-way ticket Wednesday. Now he is back in New York, still searching for a Corvette. Here’s hoping he finds one at the many legitimate dealerships out there.

New York Corvette Buyer Scammed by Fake Dealership


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