Corvette Parked at Holy Site in Israel Raises Questions


Corvette Parked at Holy Site in Israel Raises Questions
Photo Credit: Edi Israel

A yellow C6 Corvette is at the center of a controversy in the most unlikely of places, the Western Wall in the Old City of Jerusalem.

Last week, the Corvette was parked on the grounds of the Western Wall, a holy site, and police have declined to give any details about the vehicle other than confirming that its owner did not receive a ticket for not having the legally required front license plate.

Internet reports say it is not clear who authorized the Corvette to park at the site. Apparently, though, the Western Wall Heritage Foundation has stressed that it did not give permission for the car to be there during selichot, two days before Yom Kippur, but police have not said whether or not approval was given by someone else.

Because parking is very limited at the Western Wall, the Heritage Foundation or the on-site police commanders normally provide parking permits, when there is free space and when there is not a security risk, with a nod given to the disabled.

That means thousands of other worshipers have two other choices: park in lots about 15 minutes away from the holy site or use public transit.

Ynet, an Israeli news website, has asked Jerusalem District Police repeatedly for more details about the car, raising questions such as who permitted the Corvette owner to park there, why there apparently has been no effort to identify the owner, how many other privately owned vehicles entered the grounds that night, whether the Corvette owner received special treatment, and how police ignored the fact that the car did not have the proper license plate on the front.

We think it would also be interesting to know just how a Corvette even wound up in Jerusalem in the first place.


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