[ACCIDENT] C3 Corvette Driver Captured after Fleeing Scene of Bus Stop Crash


[ACCIDENT] C3 Corvette Driver Captured after Fleeing Scene of Bus Stop Crash

A man suffered critical injuries Thursday afternoon after a white C3 Corvette crashed into the bus stop where he was sitting in Surrey, British Columbia in Canada.

The Corvette driver fled on foot, climbing into a taxi in an attempt to get away, leaving his passenger in the front seat with minor injuries.

Fortunately, a witness followed the fleeing driver and saw him get into the taxi, which was stopped about a kilometer away by police.

Staff Sgt. Blair McColl said police are still investigating the accident but believe alcohol could have played a role.

“For some unknown reason at this point he lost control right before the bus shelter,” McColl said.

The accident happened about 6 p.m. near the intersection of 96 Avenue and King George Boulevard.

Ironically, the Corvette crash came just after a day after a similar accident in the same town killed a man. In that incident, Evan Archibald, 22, was sitting on a bench at a bus stop when he was fatally injured by a Jeep that jumped a curb at Fraser Highway and 156 Street and hit the bus shelter. Police say weather may have been a contributing factor in that incident.

In the meantime, you couldn’t blame people waiting in bus shelters for being a little paranoid.

“I think all you can do if you’re the person standing in the bus shelter is just be aware of your surroundings,” McColl said. “But you shouldn’t have to be.”

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