[ACCIDENT] Guy Crashes C5 Corvette when Leaving Cars and Coffee Dallas


[ACCIDENT] Guy Crashes C5 Corvette when leaving Cars and Coffee Dallas

You know the drill at many of the Cars and Coffee events around the country. When leaving the parking lot, give them something to talk about. Unfortunately for this C5 Corvette Convertible driver who was leaving the Cars and Coffee meet up in Dallas, his departure will be remembered for how badly it ended.

Knowing that the crash was coming made this video hard to watch and when you see the guy afterward you really feel sorry for him. So no piling on here. He’s knows he messed up and now he’s got to live with the consequences.

Based on the color of the car, we would have to say that’s a 2000-2001 in Bowling Green Metallic. He hit the wall pretty hard so hopefully the car is not a total loss.

This could happen to anyone so the key is to remember other’s fails so you don’t fail yourself.


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