[ACCIDENT] Combination of Speed and Bad Tires Led to Corvette Crash on Interstate 15


Worn-out rear tires and excessive speed appear to be two factors that caused the driver of a black C5 Corvette coupe to lose control and collide with the median guardrail on Interstate 15 in New Harmony, Utah on Thursday afternoon, trapping his wife inside the car.

Emergency crews from New Harmony Fire Department and Gold Cross Ambulance had to remove the passenger door to extract the woman, who was transported with moderate injuries to Dixie Regional Medical Center in St. George. The man refused treatment but rode along with his wife to the hospital.

The Idaho couple was part of a group of sports car drivers enjoying an interstate joyride when the Corvette crash occurred shortly after 12:30 p.m.

Utah Highway Patrol Sgt. Jake Hicks said the driver appears to have entered the on-ramp too fast and lost control of the Corvette before slamming into the guardrail.

“So, he comes up and loses it this way,” Hicks said, turning his body in a counterclockwise circle to demonstrate how the driver lost control when he hit the gravel on the median. “And then his passenger side, right here, collided with the guardrail, and that took the brunt of the force.”

Hicks noted that the back tires had no tread, a fact supported by photos from the scene.

Members of their traveling group pulled over to help in the aftermath of the crash but were asked to leave to keep them, first responders, and other motorists safe.

“They were actually traveling with a group of other exotic cars,” Hicks said. “So, there was Corvettes and Mustangs and that was the other people that pulled over.”

Fortunately, the two were wearing their seatbelts or they might have been ejected from the Corvette, Hicks pointed out.

He said citations may be issued after more investigation is completed, considering the Corvette’s speed and the condition of the tires.


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