Corvette Driver and Passenger Critically Injured in Chain Reaction Crash


Corvette Driver and Passenger Critically Injured in Chain Reaction Crash
Photo Credit: Brent Allen

Two passengers in a C6 Corvette were critically injured Wednesday in a domino-type accident on State Highway 105 at County Road 2077 in Cleveland, Texas.

The accident happened about 5 p.m. when a log truck yielded to a Liberty County EMS ambulance answering a call in the area but didn’t wait long enough for the emergency vehicle to clear before pulling back onto the roadway from the shoulder.

The log truck clipped the back of the ambulance, which then crossed into the westbound lane and finally came to a stop after being slowed by several inches of mud in the ditch.

The log truck’s axle was damaged by the impact, causing the driver to lose control and strike the westbound Corvette. Both vehicles came to a stop on the north side of State Highway 105, with the log truck rolling over and spilling its load and the Corvette hitting a couple of trees before stopping.

The driver of the log truck was not hurt but was charged with failure to yield right of way to an emergency vehicle, according to Trooper Preston Gustavsen.

The medics in the ambulance, Tim Gault and Jack Terry, were not seriously injured but were taken to Liberty-Dayton Regional Hospital to be checked out, according to Mike Koen, director of Liberty County EMS.

Unfortunately, the two people in the Corvette, which was badly damaged in the accident, weren’t as fortunate, having to be airlifted to Memorial Hermann Hospital in Houston in critical condition.They were not identified pending notification of next of kin.


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  1. My folks were in the c6 Vette which was hit head on by the 18 wheel logging truck on sept 30th 1015 . Thanks to the Big man upstairs they lived and are getting better everyday .Dad was in memorial Herman trauma center for 2 months and is still striving to get back to his normal life. He is out on disability from work and is just blessed to live threw the terrible accident. Thanks for the post , and he now has another Vette c6 same exact color and said he will always drive a Vette being the integrity of the frame and how well engineered Chevy has done on the c6 !
    Thanks Justin

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