[PICS] NHL’s Stanley Cup Hits the Beach in a 1962 Corvette


One of the more awesome traditions in professional team sports is the National Hockey League allowing each team member of the winning Stanley Cup hockey team to host the famous trophy for a 24 hour period. This year it was the Chicago Blackhawks who brought home the Cup and now literally, each player on the team gets to take home the cup.

As we saw over the weekend on NHL.com, some do it with a little more style like the Blackhawk’s Duncan Keith who started his day with the Cup riding shotgun in a 1962 Corvette as they made their way to the beach where Keith grew up.

Keith and the Stanley Cup (along with Keith’s parents and his son Colton) visited his “summer home” of Lester Beach, Manitoba which is about 60 miles northeast of Winnipeg where he was born.

“He got out of the convertible and he came down to the beach, I guess it’s probably 50 meters or something like that, and as he was approaching the beach he lifted the cup above his head and, of course, there was a big cheer from the crowd,” said resident Bill Shead to the CBC.

Snead says this this first time in history that the Stanley Cup has been to Lester Beach. “The Keith clan has had cottages here at Lester Beach for decades,” Shead said. “Duncan had spent a fair amount of time here as a youngster growing up; in fact, I remember him as a youngster here in the summer months.”

Duncan Keith’s son Colton Keith also got into the spirit by raising the Stanley Cup over his head as well:


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