[ACCIDENT] Corvette Z06 Crashes at Monterey’s Laguna Seca Raceway


It’s been a hard week for Torch Red Corvette Z06s. Following Friday’s release of a video showing a brand spanking new Corvette Z06 leaving the roadway and crashing into trees, Jalopnik’s Opposite Lock brings us a story of another Torch Red Corvette Z06 meeting its demise over the weekend during a track event at Laguna Seca Raceway in Monterey. At least with this Z06, the crash happened on the track while doing what the Corvette Z06 was made to do.

NeedMoarGarage was on the track in his Mazda RX-7 just behind the Corvette Z06 when it crashed. Prior to the session starting, he talks about the weather turning bad with more than one exotic car owner looking to the skies for the rain that would eventually fall. Here is a portion of his account from Opposite Lock:

[quote_box_center]Looking ahead, I saw the tail end of that bright red new Corvette Z06 swinging wide around the next corner. While it looked spectacular, I began planning a cautious pass as it was clear the driver was struggling to keep pointed in any remotely desirable direction. After coming around corner four I was suddenly on the brakes hard. That beautiful machine of ridiculous track capability was now rolling slowly backwards onto the track, emitting a cloud of steam and strewing parts across the straight.[/quote_box_center]

NeedMoarGarage goes on to talk about how the Corvette driver was unharmed in the incident and a tow truck was dispatched to bring the car and driver back to the pits. The Z06 driver seemed to be in good spirits following the death of his car, laughing with his buddy that stuff that used to be in the trunk is now on the dash. After a hasty departure from the track, the muddy and damaged Corvette Z06 remained with its hazards flashing while onlookers gathered to see the mess for themselves.

Check out of the full story from NeedMoarGarage called “How I witnessed the death of a hero” at Jalopnik’s Opposite Lock.

Opposite Lock

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