Corvette Assembly Manager Jeff Lamarche Promoted to Flint Assembly Plant


Corvette Assembly Plant Manager Jeff Lamarche Promoted to Manager of Flint Assembly Plant

Lost in last week’s news about the planned $439 million expansion of the Bowling Green Assembly Plant is the announcement that the Corvette Assembly’s plant manager Jeff Lamarache has been promoted to manager of the Flint Assembly Plant. Jeff was with us for about a year and half and he will surely be missed.

We admit that we didn’t know a lot about Lamarche before he was sent to Bowling Green in February 2014. But having watched his performance at the Corvette Assembly Plant over the last year, it’s clear now that he is a “fixer” for GM who is sent where he is needed.

His first week on the job coincided with the massive sinkhole that opened unexpectedly under the Corvette Museum’s Sky Dome on February 12 and his introduction to Corvette owners came at a hastily called press conference later that afternoon.

While the sinkhole was the major news coming out of Bowling Green, there were some ongoing labor issues in the plant that eventually bubbled up to the surface after the United Auto Workers Local 2164 gave union management the right to strike over quality and safety issues. Those issues were laid to rest in just a couple of months after Jeff’s appointment to BGAP and we haven’t heard about any labor issues at the plant since then.

A lot of good things also occurred during Jeff’s tenure at the Corvette Assembly Plant too. We saw the new Performance Build Center come online in late 2014 and the C7 Corvette Z06s began production and are on their way to breaking 10,000 Z06s in their first year of production. And now the $400+ million expansion of the Corvette Paint Shop has been announced.

The move to Flint will be a challenge for Jeff but its nothing he can’t handle. Flint produces full-size GM pickups like the Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra as well as the commercial heavy duty versions too. The Corvette Plant has around 900 workers while Flint Assembly has over 2,800 employees. Of course he won’t have 50,000+ visitors at the Flint Plant like he dealt with in Bowling Green.

We appreciate Jeff’s service for Corvette owners over the last year and half and wish him and his wife Shannon the best of luck in their future endeavors.

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