Chevrolet has Produced Over 8,200 Corvette Z06s for 2015


Chevrolet has Produced Over 8,200 Corvette Z06s in 2015

At the National Corvette Museum’s Bash, we learned that 8,206 Corvette Z06s have been produced so far in 2015. That count is as of April 22nd, so by now that number has probably grown in the few days it’s taken us to digest this information.

Regardless of the Corvette Z06’s 2.95 second 0-60 mph time or a 1.2g lateral grip, when you get down to it, the most important number is how many can GM sell. Chief Engineer Tadge Juechter called 2015 “The Year of the Z06”. Now we know why!

Corvette Product Manager Harlan Charles shared that figure during a review of 2015 production statistics. Of the 8,206 corvette Z06s, 81% (6,623) are Coupes and 19% (1,583) are convertibles. A further break down shows that that a great majority are opting for the top level 3LZ Trim Package:

Z06 Coupe 6,623   Z06 Convertible 1,583
1LZ 7%   1LZ 4%
2LZ 27%   2LZ 21%
3LZ 66%   3LZ 75%

When it comes to the Z07 Performance Package, 39% of buyers are checking the box on the $10,990/$11,990 package (depending on aero kit).

The other option people want to know is the how many of the Corvette Z06s are coming with the new 8-Speed automatic transmission. Chevrolet staggered the launch of the Z06 with automatics being the last to start production. As of April 22nd, 48% of Corvette Z06s have the 8-Speed and Harlan believes that number will continue to climb for the rest of 2015’s production.

The best selling color on the Corvette Z06 is Black at 18% with Arctic White and Shark Gray tied for 2nd at 16%. Want a rare Corvette Z06? Order it with Night Race Blue and the Blue interior and your Corvette will almost stand by itself at the next Corvette show or Cars and Coffee event. Only 3% of Corvette Z06s are Night Race Blue and only 2% have the Blue Leather interior.

Corvette Z06 Production Statistics Corvette Z06 Production Statistics Corvette Z06 Production Statistics

This is the fourth time in Corvette’s history that they have launched a Z06 model. Here is how 2015 compares to the other inaugural year:

  • 1963 – 199
  • 2001 – 5,773
  • 2006 – 6,272
  • 2015 – 8,206*

* 2015 production through 4/22.

Factors for the increase in sales are most likely due to the Corvette Team’s ability to answer two questions when it comes to the C7 model vs previous years: “Can I get it in an Automatic?” and “Can I get it in a Convertible?”.

Corvette production for the 2015 model year will come to a close on June 22nd and its very possible that we’ll see Corvette Z06 sales break through the 10,000 level. That would be a huge win for the Corvette Team and Chevrolet, but even more important, it’s a huge win for anyone who opted to add the Corvette Z06 to their garage this year.


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