Download the 2016 Corvette Order Guide


Download the 2016 Corvette Order Guide

As promised over the weekend at the National Corvette Museum’s Bash, Chevrolet pushed out the 2016 Corvette Order Guide to dealers today and we got our hands on a copy thanks to our friends at Kerbeck Corvette in Atlantic City, NJ. The Order Guide details all the changes and updates for the model year and spells out which options and features are available on the various models and trim packages.

Click here to download the 2016 Corvette Order Guide [PDF].

We’ve already detailed many of the changes and updates coming in 2016 which include three Design packages called Twilight Blue, Spice Red and Black Suede. A C7.R Edition for the Z06 and two new colors: Long Beach Red and Corvette Racing Yellow. Four deletions have been noted, the Velocity Yellow Tintcoat and Crystal Red Metallic colors and 2015’s Atlantic and Pacific Design Packages that no one could seem to order due to constraints.

Fans of Magnetic Selective Ride Control will be able to order the suspension independent of the Z51 package on the Stingray. The FE2 option isn’t available with the standard 18/19 inch wheels so a set of 19/20 inch wheels must be ordered as well.

A bevy of new wheel designs are also coming to 2016 Corvettes including a new base Stingray wheel design available in four finishes. There is also an optional wheel for Stingray called the Motorsports wheel in Black and Polished Aluminum. The polished version of these wheels are found on the Twilight Blue and Spice Red Design Packages for the Stingray. For Z06, a new wheel called “Blade” is available in Polished Nickel and Black.

A new (UVJ) curb view camera for Stingray and Z06 will be available on the 2LT/3LT and 2LZ/3LZ trim packages.

Finally, Chevrolet is offering new updates to the Corvette’s interiors which include a new interior color called Spice Red and two-tone seating options. Further changes are the color breakups on the Corvette Z06 and new for 2016, Z06 buyers can now get Brownstone as a color option. Yellow and Red interior stitch colors will also mark their debut in 2016.

Chevrolet included this handy list at the start of the 2016 Corvette Order Guide and we’ll be breaking down these new options and changes this week.


  • (G8A) Velocity Yellow Tintcoat exterior color
  • (GBE) Crystal Red Tintcoat exterior color
  • (ATI) Atlantic Design Package
  • (PFI) Pacific Design Package

New Features for 2016

  • (G1E) Long Beach Red Metallic Tintcoat exterior color (extra cost)
  • (GC6) Corvette Racing Yellow Tintcoat exterior color (extra cost)
  • (TU7) Two-tone seats (Gray or Adrenaline Red with Napa leather or sueded microfiber inserts)
  • (704/706) Adrenaline Red leather seating surface with sueded microfiber inserts now available on 2LT, 2LZ, 3LT and 3LZ and require
  • (TU7) two-tone seats option
  • (UVJ) Front Curb View parking cameras, included on 2LT, 3LT, 2LZ and 3LZ
  • (36S) Yellow custom leather stitch (3LT/3LZ)
  • (38S) Red custom leather stitch (3LT/3LZ) Power cinching hatch and trunk, standard
  • (ZLD) Twilight Blue Design Package (3LT/3LZ)
  • (ZLE) Spice Red Design Package (3LT/3LZ)
  • (ZLG) Black Suede Design Package (3LT/3LZ)
  • (ZCR) C7.R Special Edition (3LZ)
  • (B92) Exposed Carbon Fiber weave hood insert
  • (DUP) Red, White and Blue Full Length Racing Decal Package
  • (FE2) Magnetic Selective Ride Control without Z51
  • (SH2) Custom floor console lid with Stingray logo, LPO
  • (SH1) Custom leather Brownstone floor console lid with Stingray logo, LPO
  • (VTF) Custom leather-wrapped floor console lid with Stingray logo, LPO
  • (5YW) Motorsports polished aluminum 19″ front and 20″ rear wheels, LPO
  • (5YX) Motorsports Black aluminum 19″ front and 20″ rear wheels, LPO
  • (5Z8) Z06 10-spoke blade Pearl Nickel-painted aluminum, 19″ front and 20″ rear wheels, LPO
  • (6Z9) Z06 10-spoke blade Black-painted aluminum, 19″ front and 20″ rear wheels, LPO
  • (VLN) Windscreen, LPO


  • (555/556) Brownstone interior seating now available on Z06 (2LZ/3LZ)
  • (NK5) leather-wrapped flat-bottom steering wheel now standard on Stingray models 3LZ interior color break now matches 3LT (more color)
  • (QG6/QX3/QX1/RPK) wheels have new design
  • (EYT) Carbon Flash Badge Package includes full Carbon Flash grille without chrome bar on Stingray models Updated infotainment system

Click here to download the 2016 Corvette Order Guide [PDF]. We expect that further changes will be made as the options list is refined before production begins this summer. No pricing is available for these options, changes and packages and we expect those to come most likely in June.


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