[STOLEN] Family’s 1977 Corvette Stolen from Private Garage in Maryland


[STOLEN] Family's 1977 Corvette Stolen from Private Garage in Maryland

A piece of Charles Estelle’s life is missing.

Now, he’s just hoping someone out there will be able to help him bring his prized 1977 Corvette back home.

The orange Corvette, in the process of being restored and “probably about two months from being road ready,” according to Estelle, has been in his life since he was just 7 or 8 years old. That’s when his dad bought the car. Charles was so small, in fact, that he had to sit on a pillow back then just to see out the windows.

Fast forward to 2015, and Charles is now 39 years old.

He took ownership of the car as a teenager after it quit running one day and his dad handed him the keys and said, “If you can fix it, it’s yours.”

Charles did and has owned the Corvette ever since, though he admits it “did a lot of sitting” over the years as life got in the way.

Lately though, he had decided to fix up the family heirloom, getting new paint in York County, Pa., and taking it to Corey Bollinger’s garage in Paradise Township, Pa., for engine work.

Bollinger discovered the Corvette missing on April 8 after returning from an Easter trip to Ohio.

A neighbor says he saw it being hauled off on a trailer pulled by a late model pickup.

That’s the only way it could have been stolen since the car wasn’t running.

Bollinger says only a few people knew he was going out of town and he has his suspicions about who might have taken the Corvette.

“It seems very suspicious that it just happened to go missing,” Bollinger said. “It needs to be found.”

Bollinger’s garage is about a mile off the main road, up a dirt lane. “It’s not something that just somebody can drive by and look and see it — somebody had to know it was there,” Bollinger said.

Lt. David Lash of the Northern York County Regional Police says the department is “running down possible leads” but he couldn’t provide more information since it is an active investigation.

“I’m hoping somebody’s seen something,” Estelle said. “It’s kind of hard to miss a bright-orange Corvette.”

[STOLEN] Family's 1977 Corvette Stolen from Private Garage in Maryland

If you see the Corvette, call Northern York County Regional Police at (717) 292-3647.


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