Man in Stolen Corvette Stingray Crashes into a Mustang in San Antonio


Man in Stolen Corvette Stingray Crashes into a Mustang in San Antonio
Photo Credit: Roberto Flores‎

The best news is that no one was injured Sunday when a man crashed a stolen red C7 convertible after leading police on a chase that reached speeds of 130 mph.

Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for the Corvette Stingray, which suffered major front end damage after catching fire following the crash.

The three-county crime spree actually started with the suspect behind the wheel of a truck in Kendall County, Texas, but authorities say the man ditched that vehicle and stole the Stingray at gunpoint and started a house fire.

Lawmen chased the suspect through Medina and Bandera counties before he crashed the C7 into two cars in San Antonio at Timber Path and Grissom.

“All of a sudden I got rear-ended. The guy in the Corvette jumped out. I was thinking he was going to come check on me or something, but the dude just took off running,” said Tema Garcia, whose car was hit by the suspect.

Man in Stolen Corvette Stingray Crashes into a Mustang in San Antonio

Garcia had to take off out of his car, too, after the Stingray caught on fire.

“I saw smoke all around the car, and a guy comes out and he’s telling me to get out because the car is on fire, so I escaped out the passenger side,” Garcia said.

Meanwhile, the suspect was eventually chased down by officers about 20 minutes later and arrested near the creek behind the Grissom Road Bill Miller’s BBQ.

Lawmen found two guns in the Corvette.

Authorities haven’t released the identity of the suspect, saying only that he is in his 20s, nor the charges he faces, but based on all the damage and mischief he apparently caused in three counties, we’d imagine he is “in a heap of trouble” and likely won’t be behind the wheel of a new Stingray again for quite a while.


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