Fire Claims a C4 Corvette in Minnesota


It’s hard to look on the bright side when the owners of a 1991 fully restored Corvette are standing there, looking at the fire-ravaged remains of their pride and joy.

But for Chad and Carrie Wendel of Morristown, Minn., the fire that broke out last Thursday morning could have been much worse.

Ordinarily, the car is always in the garage, but that day Chad had backed their red Corvette coupe into the driveway to charge the battery.

He went inside briefly, and when he returned, the car was ablaze.

The heat was already melting the siding on the house, so he ran to close the garage door and get a fire hose.

Just a couple of minutes later, the quick-arriving Morristown Fire Department was there and put the fire out.

Unfortunately, as you can tell from the photo, the front of the car was badly damaged, and the interior likely suffered water and other damage, too.

The Wendels said the car was insured and is worth about $10,000 to $12,000. We’d guess that it’s a total loss based on that value.

Fortunately, no one was hurt in the blaze, and the Wendels’ home apparently suffered only cosmetic damage, at least based on the photo.

It could have been worse.

Photo Credit: Camey Thibodeau/Daily News

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