Kentucky’s Governor Beshear Helps Open the NCM Motorsports Park


The National Corvette Museum’s Motorsports Park officially opened to the general public earlier this month, with about 200 people attending a grand opening ceremony at the Bowling Green, Ky., facility.

Thousands of Corvette enthusiasts already had a chance to see the park during the museum’s 20th Anniversary Celebration in August, but this time, the governor of Kentucky, Steve Beshear, was among the onlookers.

“What a gem to add not only to the attractions that Bowling Green has, but to the attractions the commonwealth has,” Beshear said.

He called the Motorsports Park the completion to the “Corvette trifecta,” the museum and the assembly plant being the other parts of the three-sided tourist attraction.

The governor also drew a laugh from the crowd when he noted that while safety is stressed at the Motorsports Park, the real lure is speed.

Tourism brought in $365 million to Bowling Green last year, and Beshear expects the park to add to that total.

So does Warren County Attorney Amy Milliken, who said the park will “continue to heighten our visibility in the motorsports industry.”

Milliken’s cousin, Wendell Strode, is the executive director of the museum, and she praised him for his dedication and vision for the park, noting that it will appeal to all motorsports enthusiasts, not just Corvette owners.

Mitch Wright, general manager of the Motorsports Park, pointed out the various other kinds of activities in the Bowling Green area will be a draw for motorsports enthusiasts and their families.

“This location is extremely unique in its proximity to hotels, restaurants, downtown attractions and other attractions,” Wright said. “That alone gives us a leg up on the competition.”

Wright also noted that completion of the Holley Performance Products Control Tower and Event Center will afford more opportunities for park activities, drawing even more visitors.


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